Returning to China 2018 (take 8)

Seven years ago today, having just finished secondary school, I embarked on what I thought would be a rewarding two week trip to China to volunteer at a summer camp for orphans. Little did I know that those two weeks would change my life (sorry, I know that's so cliché!). In the past seven years I have been on seven trips to China, lasting from two weeks to seven months in length. I have invested in and worked with four different NGOs/charities who run summer camps, foster homes and support government orphanage projects. I have also completed my undergraduate degree and am soon to qualify as an Occupational Therapist with a Masters degree. It sounds like a lot when written in a few sentences but the overarching story is that I went on a trip to China, saw and experienced things I couldn't forget and my faith has urged and inspired me to act.

On this note, following completion of my Occupational Therapy degree in September, I am returning to China for two months, following a two and a half year hiatus. I left in April 2016, after spending 7 months with International China Concern in Hunan Province, to embark on the next step, to become an OT. Whilst at the time it seemed like an awfully long period of time of not being able to return, it has flown by. So I now return, as an Occupational Therapist, with new insights and perspectives, new skills and, but with the same passion and drive.

I will be in China for about 9 weeks and will stay for the majority of that time in Hunan Province with International China Concern. I will be reconnecting with the children, young people and staff I was with two years ago help in various ways, with the potential to use my new Occupational Therapy skills. More info to come closer to the time.

I am ready to get back!